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Dongxian Enterprise — Realize the dream of beauty for you

Dongxian Since - 1982 Your dream of beauty We will help you achieve

After intensively cultivating Taiwan for 30 years, from domestic to foreign countries, from Europe and America to Asia, it has experienced the trust and support of hundreds of brands.
Dongxian quietly created the hope of tens of thousands of women. We have learned that a responsibility and mission, from young to old, different races, and different skin types, share the same belief: the never-ending pursuit of beauty!
Today, Dongxian continues to innovate R&D technology and international exchanges. At the same time, we adhere to the cultural tradition of strict quality and non-toxic safety

Beautiful —  is a conscience business worthy of sustainable development Chairman Ms. Hau

Dongxian Course Deep cultivating Taiwan • Looking to the world

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Dongxian New City Factory
South America Professional Make-up Exports
Brazil Export Department
Skin Care Products Exported to Europe • United States
New City Industrial Zone No.2 Plant
Skin Care Products Exported to Japan • Vietnam
Australia Natural Maintenance Production Export
Westport R&D Headquarters
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Japan Shin-Etsu Technology Exchange
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Dongxian Enterprise

Dongxian • Philosophy & Persistence

Safe Effect Pure Nature

In the past 30 years, the mature professional R&D team has combined the concepts of dermatology, pharmacology, and biological sciences to gain an in-depth understanding of Asian skin's superior and weak skin properties and maintenance needs. It has cooperated with global experimental technology in product research and development and selected nearly 100 kinds of international products. Patented active ingredients, creating a variety of products in the market to stand out as exclusive and efficient products.
Combining dermatology and beauty technology, the full range of products through the low-sensitivity, stability and non-acne clinical testing, all-round solution to skin problems.
Global Laboratory Technology Cooperation - Nearly 100 International Patent Actives
Exclusive Performance Formula - International Top Lab R&D Team, Clinical Activity Report
Leading Maintenance Technology - Unique Conductive Technology, Multiple Dosage Forms Encapsulates Skin with Active Ingredients
Safety quality checks - aseptic filling production, product stability testing, sensitive skin testing

Dong Xian quality quantity specification Security • Efficient • Professional

Pass safety and stability testing
MSDS International Material Safety Audit
COA International Product Inspection Standard
SGS Inspection of 169 Products
ISO9001 Global Quality Certification
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Alcohol • Plasticizer • Preservatives MI / MCI • Parabans • Formaldehyde-free • Propylene glycol • Industrial mineral oil • Industrial thickener • 12-alkene SLS surfactant • Nitroamines • PABA Chemicals • Lead & Mercury... Heavy Metals Materials.

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Raw material technology

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