;45% 20%

Dongxian Cosmetics 30 years professional maintenance makeup manufacturing experience

Dongxian Your trust is our glory

                Leading Taiwan Beauty Trends - Dongxian Cosmetics   30 years of professional maintenance make-up manufacturing history               
                Dongxian cosmetics, products exported to Europe, America and Central and South America. Southeast Asian countries, through the EU certification, the recognition of international business, with —
                【Natural Pure Professional Skin Care】The concept introduced skin care products designed specifically for Oriental skin, and successively developed hundreds of series of professional maintenance materials and home care products, and continued to cooperate with Japan and Europe to accumulate rich professional research and development technology to produce unique and innovative beauty. Skin products.               

Factory Distribution

                                         Westport Headquarters【R&D Center】                   
                                         New City, a factory [maintenance and manufacturing]                   
                                         Fengrong No.2 Factory [make-up]                   
                                         Guangzhou Manufacturing / R&D Office                   

DS Comprehensive delivery room Manufacturer Intorduction;50% 50%

R&D room

                  Biochemical formula   After more than a few years of stability testing
   ;50% 50%


Production of three systems: production of computerized, automated filling, low temperature production & ensp;;50% 50%

Q& A room Quality Control

Pin Jianyan Gehua: have introduced new Chanpin each previous & ensp;50% 50%


Well-planned fireproof storage compartment   covers an area of ​​nearly 1000 ping   floor has good ventilation equipment
The use of the latest modern material storage specifications & ensp; orderly furnishings & ensp; better service efficiency Guarantee of quality;50% 50%
Accuracy. Efficiency. High quality. Carry out the policy of “Three Chemicals” → The computerization of production, automation of filling, and strict inspection of goods, and introduction of ISO9001 international quality management and SOP standard operating procedures.
Prior to the launch of each new product, professionals must review it again to maintain accurate quality control.

Dong Xian • RD Research RD Research

Accumulated nearly 30 years of biochemical formula technology products are stable testing and improvement, the laboratory of innovative high-tech R & D personnel and international Europe and the United States and Japan well-known original factory to work with the latest technology, so that all kinds of makeup and skin care products to achieve the best effective ingredients status.

Dongxian • Product Process Prduction

Production of the three major systems → production of computerized, automated filling, low temperature production, bottle disinfection production has always been the operation, the production process uphold safety, health, asepsis, low-temperature operation, leaving the factory quality to maintain the best state.

Dongxian • Sterilization Packaging Packaging Sterilization

Filling automation, low-temperature production, bottle disinfection production has always been operating, the production process uphold safety, health, asepsis, low-temperature operation mode, so that the factory quality to maintain the best state.

Dongxian • packing room Packing Room

Package inspection: Production distinguishes between aseptic filling room and packaging area. After production, the SOP process must be re-audited by the professional before it is released, and the SOP process confirmed by the product review is in compliance with the product's complete requirements and specifications.

Skin care products Skin Care Line

Mask Series Mask

Gel (Frozen) • Mud Mask / Amino Acid Cleansing Cream • Mousse Non-woven Mask • Hollow Spherical Mask / Moisturizing • Wash & Cleansing Gel / Japanese Wood Mask • Feather & Whitening Keratin Gel / Eye Mask•3D Mask/ Soft Powder/ Cleansing Milk• Oil• Liquid/ Good Night Gelatin

Clean Cleansers

Amino Acid Cleansing Cream / Mousse Non-woven Mask / Hollow Mask Moisturizing / Washing Gel Cleansing Gel Japan Wood Mask / Feather Hair Whitening Keratin Gel Eye Mask / 3D Mask / Soft Powder Cleansing Milk / Oil / Liquid Night Gel Eye Mask Lip Makeup Remover

Essence[Oil] Essens Care

Whitening / Blemish Essence Salome Repair Essence Silk / Caviar Essence Wins / Gold Ion Anti Aging EGF / Patent Stem Cell Face Essence Oil

Lotion Toners

Convergence Balance Lotion / Dew & Soothing Moisturizing Gel Pre-Type Toner Lotion / Dew Refreshing / Moisturizing / Anmin Emulsion Flora / Distillation & Extraction Efficient Repair Essence Milk Essence Gel Silky Anti-aging Firming Milk Postoperative Sensitive Skin Lotion Translucent Hydro-Acrylic Emulsion After Sunning Anmin Children's Sensitive Protective Emulsion Xinmi Dingzhuang Spray


Water Soothing Moisturizing Gel Pre-Mixed Lotion / Dew Refreshing / Moisturizing / Anmin Lotion Flora / Distillation Extract High-Efficiency Repair Serum Cream Essence Silky Anti-aging Firming Milk Postoperative Sensitive Skin Lotion Translucent Hydrating Emulsion Post-stabilizing Anmin Children's Shumin Protective Emulsion

Anti-Acne Anti-Acne

Anti-Acne Mask / Frozen Mask Plant Extract Anti-Acne Serum Cleansing Essence Pore Anti-Acne Cream / Gel Balm Balancing Toner Water Cleansing Powder

Moisturizer Cream

Moisturizing Gel (Frozen) / Hydro-Frost Cream Refreshing Creme / Amrin Cream Isolation Emulsion / Cream Essence Cream / Moisturizing Cream Repair Day Cream / Pearl Day Cream Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream / Whitening Cream Massage Cream / Repair Night Cream

Sun Protection

Isolation Lotion / Cream Essence Cream / Moisturizing Cream Repair Day Cream / Pearl Day Cream Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream / Whitening Cream Massage Cream / Repair Night Cream Anti Day Old Day Cream / Touch Day Cream Body Sun Spray

For Medication Office Use

High concentration skin rejuvenation (Acid Acid, Mandelic Acid, PHA Lactobionic Acid) Postoperative Rehabilitation Essence (EGF Regeneration Factor•CIC2•Aimotomoto•Multiple Victory...) Medication-based basic care

Body Care & Cosmetics Body Care & Cosmetic Line

Body SPA Body SPA

Medical Massage Oil Thermo Intensive Massage Oil
Refreshing / Moisturizing Skin Cream / Cream After-sun Soothing Gel
Anti-mosquito repellent / Herbal lotion ointment Whitening lotion / gel Pregnancy remedy cream

Clean Body Clean

Refreshing Antibacterial Body Wash Gentle Cleansing Body Wash Private Body Wash Body Exfoliating Spray Walnut Exfoliating Gel Plant Soothing Bath Oil Natural Essential Oil Hand Soap

Baby Series Boby Care

Baby soothing shower gel Baby soothing fart cream
Baby Emollient / Refreshing Lotion
Facial Moisturizing Cream
Sleeping Massage Essential Oil

Oil Oil Essenital Oil

100% French Import Charabot 100% German Import Dullberg Uni Pure Essential Oil / Fufang Pure Essential Oil
Product content, please contact:
Pure Plant Oil/Oil Maintenance Series Phyto Massage Oil/Massage Cream

Slimming Slimming

em & emsp; Fat Burning Cream
Drainage firming massage oil
Heat Sensation Massage Oil
Body Firming Soothing Gel
Cycle metabolism bath oil

Bottom makeup fundtion

Water Sense / Moisturizing Foundation BB Cream / Isolating Foundation Cream Light Peel Powder / Moisturizing Water Powder Concealer Frimmer / Concealer Japanese Mineral Powder Body Wash Powder

Heal Hear & Scop

Scalp cleansing shampoo Shumin balance shampoo
Scalp Cream (for hair dyeing) Hair Rejuvenation Serum Hair Enhancer / Oil Control Scalp Spray Pure Plant Repair Oil Oil Instant Repair Hair Cream

Hand & Foot Hands & Foots Care

Moisturizing Whitening Hand Cream Repairing Cracked Foot Cream Keratinous Metabolism Foot Mask Nail Edge Repair Serum Foot Soothing Massage Oil / Cream Foot Whitening Keratin Cream

Color Maker Makeup

Mine Color Eyeshadow / Blush Pearl Gloss Eye Shadow Embossed Blush Eye Shadow Cream Eyeshadow/Blush Water Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Professional Eyeshadow Powder

Dongxian - Quality Management Quality Management

In the past 30 years, the mature professional R&D team has combined the concepts of dermatology, pharmacology, and biological sciences to gain insights into the characteristics and maintenance needs of Asian skin. We have cooperated with global experimental technologies in product research and development, and selected nearly 100 kinds of international products. Patented active ingredients, creating a variety of products in the market to stand out as exclusive and efficient products.
Combining dermatology and beauty technology, the full range of products through the low-sensitivity, stability and non-acne clinical testing, all-round solution to skin problems.

Global Laboratory Technology Cooperation
Nearly 100 kinds of international patent active ingredients

Exclusive Performance Formula
International top laboratory R&D team
Clinical activity report

Leading Maintenance Technology
Unique Conduction Technology
Multi-dosed active ingredients deliver skin

Security quality checks
Aseptic filling production Product stability test
Sensitive skin test

Dong Xian quality quantity specification Security • Efficient • Professional

Pass safety and stability testing
MSDS International Material Safety Audit
COA International Product Inspection Standard
SGS Inspection of 169 Products
ISO9001 Global Quality Certification
Product not added

Alcohol • Plasticizer • Preservatives MI / MCI • Parabans • Formaldehyde-free • Propylene glycol • Industrial mineral oil • Industrial thickener • 12-alkene SLS surfactant • Nitroamines • PABA Chemicals • Lead & Mercury... Heavy Metals Materials.

International technology company World-renowned Big Biotech Plant Technical Cooperation Select quality specifications